New Democracy Favored To Be Party Of Prime Minister

  • New Democracy (-120) is still the favorite to get another term in the Greek Parliament. 
  • However, the gap has narrowed to six points in the polls between the ND and the left Syriza. 
  • With the ND a -120 to -125 favorite to be the party of the PM, some numbers are surprising.

The 2023 political cycle runs a little different in Greece. Now, parliaments can hold snap elections weeks before a term is supposed to end. Sure enough, in two weeks, Greek citizens go to the polls to elect a new parliament. However, what about those Prime Minister Party Bets? Expect that to get a little spicy as the election rapidly approaches. After all, the 2019 version produced a huge surprise.

Okay, the online betting sportsbooks released some new numbers making things a little tighter. The question becomes can New Democracy hold on and gain another term?

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New Democracy-120-125

Prime Minister Party Bets – So Many Parties Is Tricky

Here we come with the Prime Minister Party Bets for Greece. It remains unfathomable but New Democracy has never gone above 40% in any poll leading up to the May 21st election. According to Politico, the last time the Conservative Party saw 40% was early November of 2021. For the past year, their numbers hovered between 34 and 36 percent. Despite that slim of a lead, the New Democracy has held on mostly because there are so many parties in Greece.

One must give credit to the conservatives. They took advantage of the bonus where the winner of the highest percentage gets extra seats. In 2019, that came to the tune of 50 extra seats in the 300-seat parliament. Could something like that happen again? It’s possible.

The conservatives won in 2019 by a little over eight percentage points. Again, it seems the Syriza (left) cannot close the gap. They got as close as five percent but cannot seem to get over the hump. Keep in mind, polling features an error rate of plus or minus 1.5 percent. Even then, the right seems to carry the upper hand by a closer margin than what they won by in 2019. It’s funny how issues get raised even in Greece.

Some Greeks have much concern with how the media is controlled. Look at how fast this elections was announced as a prime example. Do the Greek Conservatives believe they have the votes and would not have later? It’s a great question. That is probably why it is a good idea to get on the bandwagon now.

New Democracy to seat next Prime Minister of Greece
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Prime Minister Party Bets For Greece Serve Up The Left?

Naturally, Prime Minister Party Bets for Greece serve up the left next. Why? That is simple. So, the best online political betting sites come in handy because they present the left and the right. Honestly, what Greek citizens see is likely far different than what we may see. Think of how United States elections are run and the media for a second. Even in European countries, the disconnects are far more similar than we perceive.

The Syriza party was in power from 2015-2019 when disaster struck for them. Scandals and EU concerns seemed to hit them at every turn. For better or for worse, conservatives took control with ease. For awhile, it looked like the left was going to get dumped to the side again. However, the Syriza managed to narrow the gap some over the past year.

Heading into May, many economic and environmental issues still plague Greece. Things could be worse, however. Now, something else makes an election complicated. Consider there are five other parties trying to gather up seats to get a foothold in the parliament. Even a few seats makes a difference in a variety of causes. While the left and right want the prime minister position, the other parties often worry about less important things.

Again, it is early. Based on numbers laid out come two weeks from now, it appears the Syriza numbers may lengthen in the Prime Minster Party Bets for Greece. That is the hope anyway as even +115 does not look as attractive as the +150 did just six months ago. However, it still is plus money if one wants the minority.

Syrizato seat the next Prime Minister of Greece
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Prime Minister Party Bets – What About Those Long Shots?

After what has been another contentious leadup to May 21st, what about those long shot Prime Minister Party Bets? This is something even British and French media have remarked on along with other European nations. However, current polling suggest none of the other parties can generate more than 10% of the potential vote. KA, better known as PASOK, is for the “Movement For Change.”

Notably, the other parties beside the left and right have about 36% of the total vote. This signifies a considerable amount. What if a percent or two here and there gets swung around? Now, that’s plausible. However, expected shifts figure to be minimal because of the snap nature of the election. Furthermore, most minds are made up already.

Some of these parties will get debate time which is helpful. That may pave the way for a future election cycle or two down the road. That helps little in the here and now.

Looking at the Prime Minister Party Bets, that PASOK bet at +1500 is feeling more and more like it just is not worth a dollar or two. However, they are the only long and somewhat viable long shot. surprise the ND and Syriza
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What About 2027?

What about 2027? The feeling is that PASOK could gain a real foothold in the Parliament door. They might be one to keep an eye on then.

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