Vladimir Putin To Be Ousted From Power In 2024 Carries Weight

  • Vladimir Putin does not have it easy these days. It seems enemies are coming from all angles.Β 
  • However, it feels like Putin’s resiliency is being underestimated some.
  • Which year does Putin finally get the boot from power?

The 2024 political cycle takes some twists and turns every so often. Now, for us political β€œjunkies”, it never hurts to speculate on some more of the stranger outcomes. Naturally, bettors get cranked up in the middle of the night when they see the words “possible Russian coup.” Okay, Vladimir Putin Exit PropsΒ heat up with a taste of something downright crazy pried out from the current headlines.

Only the best of the best online betting sportsbooks update the odds in a timely fashion with these trendy topics. Below, we present the latest numbers. Keep in mind, this is a bet where, to win, Vladimir Putin must depart from power before the end of that year. Time is of the essence, or not, when it comes to props like these. Below is our table.

Vladimir Putin Exit PropsBovadaBetUS Review
2026 or Later+150+135

Vladimir Putin Exit Props – How Is 2023 Looking?

So, with Vladimir Putin ExitΒ Props, let’s ask one question first. How did Putin even survive the latest coup here? The answer will develop over the coming days, weeks, and months. However, if you believe Russian speculation, the Russian President seems to endure these every so often. Whether they are sponsored by outside external forces, internal pressures, or both, it is clear that Putin has a way of being a little smarter than most experts think.

Naturally, this one was a bit different. Mercenaries and thugs create their own sets of problems. The Wagner Group is a bunch of criminals who basically kill for hire and almost fun. Now, that comes across as a frightening prospect for anyone. Fortunately, Putin has a way with this element like few other leaders in the world. As a result, he stays in power for now.


The idea that this was going to sack Putin is crazy. Also, thisΒ insures keeping people on the Russian leader’s case through the election cycle. Oh, we said election cycle? Naturally, we refer to the 2024 US Presidential Election come November of net year. Few believe these events have any correlation but it does seem coincidental and odd. It appears like the Ukraine and Russia have to be in the news cycle constantly.

Some experts believed the number here could be closer to Even for 2023. The reality is seeing odds trending further and further away. Putin is not going anywhere for awhile. If one disagrees, they can take a shot at +200 off Bovada. That lies as a compelling number with six months left in 2023. On the other hand, does anyone believe Putin goes out this quickly and easily?

Vladimir Putin.to exit power in 2023
Bet now

How About The Golden Year Of 2024?

Okay, here is where we expect and pile on the chaos. Why? That is simple. Always bet wisely with the top political betting sites. It could be good to think about hedges and 2024 could prove to be the golden year.Β This is one of the better options for Vladimir Putin Exit Props.

After all, Joe Biden and his son were in the news cycle prominently this week. What better way to blow smoke off than to have this “coup attempt” hit the mainstream news. Friday night springs forth as weird timing but this story gets to ferment for the Sunday political talk shows. Instead of talking all about Biden, now they will expound on the survival chances of Putin. Predictably, this is too simple.

With this, expect things to calm down until March of 2024. After that, chaos could again reign. The common enemy is the Ukraine but what if other forces (like the Americans especially) make the war untenable err a losing cause. Now, this creates a whole series of questions that possess few clear-cut answers.

Again statements like this fuel this slightly longer shot for the year 2024. Yes, that is why the Vladimir Putin Exit Props stay a little tilted when it comes to whether Putin could exit in 2024. Remember, he is a solid +400 to +500 depending on the book the following year. However, 2024 aligns well with so many causes including the potential campaign of Joe Biden for re-election. The US ousting Putin would boost his chances no question even if the Americans do not have a direct role.

Vladimir Putinto be ejected from power in 2024
Bet now

Vladimir Putin Exit Props – What About 2025?

Given the impending insanity of 2024, what about 2025 in the Vladimir Putin Exit Props? This feels like such a long shot at this juncture. Consider what is going on currently. The Russian leader likely feels even more emboldened or desperate. Either this goes short-term (12-18 months) or Putin manages to stay in power for several more years. Less and less, the in-between and its chances decrease with every passing day.

Russian experts wondered as such about the current ruler. With certain information being kept quiet, the fervor only grows to turn the Russian people, oligarchs, and political influencers against Putin. Ultimately, Russia sides with Putin for now. However, that grip on power is a little tenuous at the moment. It lends to 2024 being a year of consequence more than say 2025.

Looking at the +475 for 2025 thought lends to some pause and thought. Does one take a small wager shot here?

Vladimir Putin.to be ousted in 2025
Bet now

Send In That 2026 Or Later?

Okay, send in that 2026 or later. +150Β is reasonable. Some thought this might be a little longer already but it is not. Poor bettors trying to capitalize on the current situation may not want to bet on something so far away.

Vladimir Putinto be booted from power in 2026 or later
Bet now

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