King Charles Coronation: Royal Family Betting Picks

  • BetOnline allows you to wager on the month of King Charles’ coronation ceremony
  • Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, ending her 70-year reign atop the Royal Family
  • The coronation is expected to take place in London’s ancient Westminster Abbey sometime in 2023

After making our 2022 Brazilian Presidential Election Picks last week, let’s shift to something completely undemocratic – Great Britain’s monarchy.

King Charles III became the oldest person ever to assume the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Now, tradition calls for a royal coronation for the 73-year-old. Under the codename Operation Golden Orb, details for lavish ceremony are being kept under wraps but it should occur sometime in 2023.

Before we look at the odds for King Charles’ coronation date , here’s where you can find the top 2022 Political Betting sites.

Month of King Charles Coronation

Aug 2023+600
July 2023+600
June 2023+600
Later than 2023+600
May 2023+600
Apr 2023+1000
Mar 2023+1000
Sept 2023+1000
Feb 2023+1600
Oct 2023+1600
Dec 2022+2500
Jan 2023+2500
Nov 2022+2500
Nov 2023+3000
Oct 2022+5000
Dec 2023+7500
Sept 2022+10000

What is a coronation anyway?

The last coronation, an ancient ceremony in which new monarchs take an oath before the country and are formally crowned, occurred way back in June 1953 when the late Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne. It’s just symbolic, however, and not a constitutional requirement, so the man formerly known as Prince Charles is now officially King Charles III.

Since everything has to be prim and proper with the Brits, an appropriate period of mourning for the late Queen before the official coronation takes place. For instance, 16 months passed between the day Elizabeth’s father died in February 1952 and her coronation in June the following year.

Winter Coronation? Hell No.

A 16-month wait would put us in January 2024 – but imagine you were planning a wedding. No chance you’re choosing a winter month to tie the knot unless you score a heavy discount on the venue. That is not a consideration for the royals as London’s ancient Westminster Abbey has been the site for all coronations of British monarchs for centuries

Therefore, you should probably avoid ‘Later than 2023’ at +600 and select a summer or fall date in 2023.

King Charles CoronationLater than 2023
Bet now
King Charles CoronationJune 2023
Bet now

Summer Months Favored

Plans for Charles III’s coronation are top secret and under the codename “Operation Golden Orb.” The Telegraph speculates the ceremony will be held next spring or summer, and could possibly occur on the 70th anniversary of the queen’s coronation in June 2023 (+600).

July 2023 and August 2023 are also at +600. However, Charles might want to pick a cooler month. Apparently, during the ceremony, the 73-year-old will be “weighed down in jewels to represent the monarch’s power.” If all those expensive diamonds and rubies are hot and heavy to wear, maybe the King opts for Sept 2023 (+1000) or Oct 2023 (+1600).

Best Bet

It’s a tough call. On one hand, Princess Diana’s former beau has to wait long enough to honor his dead mother. On the other hand, how long can a 73-year-old be expected to wait? We’ll place our wagers on July 2023 (+600). That way it won’t interfere with Premier League football season and can pull in a monster TV rating.

That said, it might be tough to top the eyeballs the late Queen’s coronation pulled in. An estimated 27 million people tuned into the ceremony on television in the UK, with 11 million listening on the radio.

King Charles CoronationJuly 2023
Bet now

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