Republican Nominee for the 2024 Election Odds: Will Trump Run Again?

  • BetOnline and Bovada have Republican nominee odds for the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election
  • Oddsmakers favor Donald Trump (+300) to make a second run for office
  • The former president still enjoys strong support within the GOP but could be undone by legal issues

Inciting the January 6 Capitol insurrection is already water on the bridge for the majority of Republican voters who would favor former US President Donald Trump making a second run at the White House. But could the orange-skinned huckster actually be the GOP’s nominee again in 2024?

After looking at the U.S. Presidential Election odds, let’s examine the latest odds to lead the Republican Party in four years.

2024 Election Republican Nominee Odds

Donald Trump Sr.+300+250
Nikki Haley+500+800
Ron DeSantis+500+600
Mike Pence+600+1000
Kristi Noem+1800+3000
Ted Cruz+1800+1400
Candace Owens+2000+3300
Donald Trump Jr.+2000+2500
John Kasich+2000+1400
Josh Hawley+2000+2000
Mike Pompeo+2500+2000
Tom Cotton+2500+1400
Charlie Baker+3300+8000
Dan Crenshaw+3300+1600
Condoleezza Rice+4000+6000
Jared Kushner+4000+5000
Mitt Romney+4000+3300
Tim Scott+4000+2000
Chris Christie+5000
George P. Bush+5000+10000
Greg Abbott+5000+8000
Paul Ryan+5000+2000
Jeff Flake+6600+7500
Kayleigh McEnany+6600
Lindsey Graham+6600+7500
Rand Paul+6600+4000
Tommy Tuberville+7500+8000

Trump still popular within the party

Bloomberg reports that Donald Trump (+300) is telling allies he’s strongly considering another bid for president in 2024 and “45” hinted at such during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in late February.

Close advisers apparently want him to choose someone other than former vice president Mike Pence for his ticket, and a run certainly seems possible given a recent survey by a prominent GOP polling firm showed the majority of Republican voters would be favorable of a Trump 2024 ticket, with only 15 percent of respondents identifying themselves as “Never Trump” Republicans.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said he would “absolutely” back Trump as the party’s nominee despite declaring the ex-president “practically and morally responsible” for the attack on the Capitol, and Senator Mitt Romney is on record saying the 74-year-old would win the nomination if he ran for office in 2024.

However, the most influential Republican in the country has not made any concrete moves aimed at advancing his political ambitions and has no “no apparatus, no structure” at the moment, according to a Politico source.

Donald Trumpto be 2024 Republican Nominee
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Donald Trumpto be 2024 Republican Nominee
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Trump’s pending legal issues

In a move that was hilariously on brand, Trump recently asked his supporters to donate directly to his PAC rather than the Republican National Committee, but this could be viewed as his latest grift, rather than a sign he’s planning a rematch with “Sleepy” Joe Biden.

The “America First” movement could also be undone by crushing legal battles, although nothing ever seems to stick to the former star of The Apprentice. “Donald and possibly two or three of his children are going to be embroiled in lots of legal actions, starting in the future and the not too distant future,” predicted his niece Mary Trump.

Keep in mind that the former president was reportedly so concerned about various legal actions against his family that he considered pardoning himself and his children before he left office in January.

Our advice is to steer clear of ‘The Donald’ at +300 and instead place a longshot bet on your Trump stooge of choice or another delusional Republican like Kristi Noem.

Kristi Noemto be 2024 Republican Nominee
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