Delaware is Hoping that Online Sports Betting Can Arrive By Football Season

Ever since Delaware sports betting was approved, people in the state have loved being able to check the different odds for their favorite teams and then put money down. However, one of the biggest things holding things back is the fact that only in-person bets are allowed at only a few authorized locations. However, Delaware is hoping that online sports betting can arrive by football season and it’d be massive if that were to go down.

According to a report, lawmakers and officials in the state are hoping to work overtime in the coming months to try and get things put into place for online betting. This is something that citizens have been complaining about for quite some time now, as they’re sick of not being able to make a bet through a mobile option. If people do want to place online bets, they have to drive to Maryland, New Jersey and some of the other nearby states.

The fact that the football season is the target date for Delaware tells us that things could move forward as early as the summer. For mobile betting to be an option by Week 1, then things would have to get across the board by early September at the latest. People of course would love to be able to check the NFL betting odds to place wagers on the action for the 2023 season. The results could be huge.

Not only that, but college football betting is huge for revenue across the United States. Things would surely also be high for Delaware. The lawmakers know just how important online betting could be, which is why they’re hoping that things can get done in the coming months. This is a project that Delaware has been eyeing for quite a while now, but it finally looks like things are going to get wrapped up.

Online betting would have been massive for March Madness in Delaware

Meanwhile on the hardwood, we don’t have to tell you that online betting would have been massive for March Madness in Delaware if things were allowed. In addition to the Super Bowl, people checking the March Madness odds has to be one of the most popular things to do from a betting perspective. With the Sweet 16 right around the corner, the bets are flying across the globe on the teams still in it.

Delaware has also seen a high amount of college basketball bets this month, but things of course would be higher if people were able to get things done online. What makes this tournament so much fun is that you’re always going to see a ton of upsets. This has been the case in 2023, with multiple No. 1 seeds already being knocked off. The biggest shocker had to be No. 1 Purdue going down.

In the first round, they were matched up with No. 16 FDU. No one thought that FDU would be able to pull off the upset, but they got that job done. Then in the second round, Kansas was matched up with Arkansas and they were in the lead for the majority of the game. Then, the No. 1-seeded Jayhawks blew it late in the second half and suffered a loss to the Razorbacks. Now, the Final Four betting odds are getting checked constantly.

People in Delaware were probably filling out brackets left and right with upsets in mind, but think about how many more bets would have been recorded had online betting been an option. This is something that officials are surely keeping in mind, as the potential is there for the numbers to be through the roof. At this point next season, the hope is that online betting indeed will be available for March Madness.

NFL online betting will of course be massive as well

It goes without saying, but NFL online betting will of course be massive as well. As we mentioned above, the goal is for the green light to come in for mobile options by the start of the football season. People already have the Super Bowl on their minds, as the excitement from the February matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles is still being discussed. That was an epic meeting.

Come next year, the Chiefs will look to go back-to-back, which could end up happening thanks to Patrick Mahomes. After winning NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP this past season, Mahomes is ready to put on another massive show in ’23. However, teams like the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and more will be ready to make a splash and capture the Lombardi Trophy.

For people in Delaware, they’re still going to make in-person bets on the NFL action from start to finish, but with online wagers available, we’re certainly going to see a spike in things. There’s still plenty of work that needs to be done for the laws to be changed and mobile wagers to be present for sports fans out there, but things could get done sooner than later. This will surely be something to keep an eye on during the summer months.


Chris Boline

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