Las Vegas casinos are expecting massive crowds Thanksgiving weekend

When it comes to the strip over in Sin City, it’s always going to be packed on any given Friday-Sunday. Well, this week, the party is going to start on Thursday, as Las Vegas casinos are expecting massive crowds Thanksgiving weekend. Indeed, with Thanksgiving in the USA being celebrated on Thursday, countless folks will be staying all the way through Sunday to enjoy things.

Why is Las Vegas sports betting such a great venture for a long weekend? The casino, entertainment and more, of course. That’s why things are only going to be even more packed in 2021 because the pandemic is no longer at its worst. Last year for Thanksgiving, there weren’t the heavy crowds like usual. This was so disappointing for all of the casinos on the strip, as the monster bets weren’t being made like usual. That’s about to change.

“I would expect this year to be similar to what we usually see, lighter demand that we have been seeing throughout this year but with a fair amount of travel to see family members here,” Las Vegas hospitality insider and UNLV professor Amanda Belarmino said via Best Us Casinos. “Also, the reopen(ed) buffets will attract people who want to get together without cooking.”

Those are some pretty powerful words there from Belarmino, as she is quite certain that there are going to be some massive crowds in Las Vegas. Things are going to get started with a bang on Thursday too, as the NFL’s loaded Thanksgiving schedule is set to have the sportsbooks all over Las Vegas packed to the brim. People will check the NFL betting odds and then place their bets. Remember the Raiders are on too.

NFL’s Thanksgiving schedule will be massive for the Las Vegas strip

As you might have been able to guess, the NFL’s Thanksgiving schedule will be massive for the Las Vegas strip, with things getting set on Thursday. It’s one of the best football days of the year and things will be made even more special this time around with the local team in action. That’s right, the Las Vegas Raiders are all set to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday in primetime. Major bets will be placed.

As things stand, the NFL betting odds have the Raiders as major underdogs, as they’ve been given +270 odds. Meanwhile for the Cowboys, they are considered the big-time favorites for this one, as they’ve been set at -335. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, seeing as the Raiders totally blew it in Week 11 going up against the Cincinnati Bengals at home.

They had a rough go over the weekend too, as they suffered a 19-9 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The offense simply couldn’t get going and things were made worse when CeeDee Lamb was ruled out for the second half due to a concussion. Now, the Raiders will hope to try and play spoiler in this one, but that’s going to be a tough task. Will they get the job done?

Looking ahead at the rest of the weekend, there are some other big games too that will draw plenty of people to the best-rated online betting sites  and the ones in person. On Sunday, folks simply can’t wait for the Packers and Rams to square off, as Green Bay is a slight favorite. Aaron Rodgers vs. Matthew Stafford? This is going to be an electric showdown that is going to be outstanding.

Las Vegas is currently riding an unreal hot streak in terms of betting

This weekend’s turn out only adds to the big news on the strip, as Las Vegas is currently riding an unreal hot streak in terms of betting from its visitors. Don’t forget that in terms of the third quarter, the Las Vegas strip set a gambling revenue record thanks to all the people who made their way back to town to take advantage of all the casino games and sportsbooks. Just how great did things go over on the strip?

Per the local reports, the strip brought in more than $2 billion in terms of revenue for the previous quarter. The previous record was right around $1.8 billion. Those numbers are simply out of this world and has officials all over Nevada excited about the economy getting back to a strong place. We all know the state took quite a hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, though, things are getting much stronger.

“It makes sense—there’s been tons of pent-up demand and the third quarter was kicked off with events in Vegas like Garth Brooks, Bruno Mars and the McGregor fight and it ended with the Raiders,” Vegas insider Brendan Bussmann said on the unreal numbers recorded in quarter three by the Las Vegas strip. “It shows Vegas is not only back but shows its resiliency.”

The numbers are of course going to increase on big holiday weekends, which is expected to be the case here for Thanksgiving. So, if you’re planning on going to Las Vegas for the long weekend, then get ready to check out the odds and place some bets. It’s always going to be one hell of a time for everyone who makes their way over.

Chris Boline

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