Plans for a New $3 Billion Las Vegas Arena/Casino Released

Whenever there’s an announcement regarding a new development in Sin City, especially when it comes to Las Vegas sports betting for teams, people are fired up. Now, things have reached a new level, as plans for a new $3 billion Las Vegas arena/casino released has people all over town talking. Why? Because it adds even more excitement for a potential NBA team to head to town.

According to a local report, the construction for this monster project is set to get started next year. There’s hope that the construction can be completed by 2026. This is going to be a massive takeover, with the Oak View Group taking the charge on things. The Oak View Group is quite popular, as they’ve taken things over in recent years for the Seattle Kraken and New York Islanders in the NHL.

Per that same report, this new development in Las Vegas will feature a $1 billion, 20,000 person arena that would of course be big enough to hold fans for an NBA contest. On top of that, this whole resort, which again will be in the $3 billion range, will also feature a massive casino where people can check out different sports odds and then make bets through the best rated sportsbooks.

All in all, it would be a welcome addition for Las Vegas and it would be yet another huge reason for people to want to come to town for a visit. The main thing people are eyeing here is whether or not it will help speed up the process of an NBA team coming to town. If this new arena is built, though, it would surely stick out to the league office when it comes time to make a decision.

Las Vegas is hopeful of an NBA team down the road

As we’ve written about several times here on MyTopSportsbooks, Las Vegas is hopeful of an NBA team down the road, but people still have to wait. There’s no plans for an expansion team as of yet, but we could see a current team leave their current location. If there is a team that is willing to relocate, Las Vegas would surely be high on the list.

Having said that, they’re not the only city with interest, as Kansas City, Seattle and others would be ready to try and land an NBA squad as well. For Seattle, fans remain heartbroken from when the Sonics left town for Oklahoma City. Since then, countless folks, including former players, have been trying to do whatever is needed to get this team back. An expansion team would do the trick.

Having said that, Vegas has long been waiting for an NBA team and the success of the Golden Knights and the Raiders has shown just how well pro teams can do in the city. Las Vegas wants the NBA in town, but they’re also ready to try and bring the MLB over as well. The Oakland Athletics have been linked with a potential move to Sin City for quite some time. That’d really be something.

If the NBA were to arrive as well, it would have all four major sports leagues in the city. That’d be unreal for tourism and the city’s finances. Local businesses would be booming even more than they are right now. This is all a wait and see, but there’s surely hope for the NBA to arrive soon. The plans for this new $3 billion project only add to the excitement of it somehow going down.

NBA betting would be through the roof for Las Vegas

Thinking of things from a wagers standpoint, NBA betting would be through the roof for Las Vegas if things go as expected. Taking a look at things now, there’s so much local love for the NBA. Right now, people are looking at the NBA odds for the playoffs and trying to figure out which team will end up winning it all and capturing the glory in the NBA Finals.

Not only that, but people in Las Vegas absolutely love it when the NBA summer league is in Sin City. There, some of the best young talent out there puts on a show for the local fans. This has really opened the eyes of the league office, as it shows the excitement there is in town for the NBA. Countless basketball supporters head to Las Vegas to check out the action first hand.

With this new project in the works, it really makes it seem like an NBA team could head to Vegas in the coming years. If that’s the case, the NBA betting would only keep on increasing, which would be great to see for all of the sportsbooks. That casino attached to the arena would also see countless bets come in during the NBA season. Heck, the wagers would be placed year-round.

Right now, nothing is even close to final and people need to keep waiting. However, once the NBA does potentially make its way to Las Vegas, it’s going to be groundbreaking news. Everyone is hoping this will happen sooner than later.


Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.