Vegas Sportsbooks Are Going Wild With the Tom Brady Return

If ever there was something that was going to set off things for Las Vegas sports betting and the NFL, it had to be something related to Tom Brady. In early February, the seven-time Super Bowl winner announced his retirement. Now, Vegas sportsbooks are going wild with the Tom Brady return. In case you missed it, Brady just announced that he’s going to be back on the field next season.

This felt like it came from out of nowhere, as Brady had been retired for only about six weeks. However, plenty of speculation arrived last Saturday when Brady was on hand for the Manchester United match going up against Tottenham. After the game, Brady was spotted telling Cristiano Ronaldo he was unsure if he was done playing or not. Now, we know Brady will be back for the 2022 season.

“These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands,” Brady posted on his Twitter account to let fans know that he’ll be back. “That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business.”

With Brady back, Tampa Bay has seen its Super Bowl odds skyrocket in the past few days. Per the best rated sportsbooks, the Bucs have the second-best NFL odds to win it all next season, as they’re just behind the Buffalo Bills. Tampa Bay is +750, while the Bills are +700. The Green Bay Packers and Chiefs are tied for third at +850, but things are interesting for GB with Davante Adams potentially holding out.

The 2022 NFL title feels like it’s wide open

Currently, the 2022 NFL title feels like it’s wide open, as there are several teams who are going to be in the mix of things. We’ve seen some major changes in free agency, which is only going to make things even more intriguing for NFL teams. Obviously, the Buccaneers are the major winners of everything thus far this offseason with the news of Brady coming back.

Without Brady running the offense, it was completely up in the air as to who would be the starting QB. Now, that worry is no more. Meanwhile, for the Chiefs, they just signed star safety Justin Reid to a three-year deal, while they were also able to restructure the deal for star defensive end Frank Clark. Those were two massive moves for Kansas City.

With that, however, that means that the playing days of Tyrann Mathieu with the reigning AFC West champions are over. Mathieu is now free to sign with any team he wants, as he’s a free agent and Kansas City won’t be giving him the deal he was hoping for. Mathieu is probably the best free agent available, so if a contender ends up signing him, their Super Bowl odds will for the sure jump.

As we mentioned above too, Packers fans are going to keep a close eye on what happens with Adams. He has made it clear that he won’t be playing on the franchise tag. If there’s a contract dispute and Adams holds out of camp, then people will be nervous that this could linger into the regular season. If Adams is off the field, then Green Bay’s odds will go downward. Keep a close eye on this.

Bills are hoping 2022 can be their year despite Brady being back

Entering the new season this fall, the Bills are hoping 2022 can be their year despite Brady being back and other teams being in the hunt. With Josh Allen at quarterback, anything can happen for this team. Having said that, it’s time for Buffalo to put things together and get their play over the finish line in terms of the postseason.

Two years ago, they lost to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. Then this past campaign, Buffalo absolutely blew it late in the AFC Divisional Round against Kansas City. They were leading with 13 seconds left and somehow found a way to lose that game. Just like that, there was heartbreak for the team and their Super Bowl dreams were over. Now, there’s more pressure on Allen.

“You can win without a great quarterback,” Legend Chris Simms said. “When the team doesn’t play as well, or you’re playing a team that’s a mismatch against you or you’ve got a few injuries when you’ve got a guy like Josh Allen, he can cover those holes. That’s what he does, let alone gives the team confidence every time they step on the field. That’s why I love him. I’ve said this a few times, he’s the best player in football.”

A lot of people agree with Simms, who’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a reason. He himself was a standout QB and he knows just how good Allen can be with the ball in his hands. In order for Buffalo to win it all next season, they’ll need Allen to ball out. If Allen and Co. meet Brady and the Bucs with the Lombardi Trophy on the line, that’d sure be something.

Chris Boline

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