Oklahoma Citizens Are Angry With the Latest Nebraska Sports Betting Update

Unfortunately for fans out there, nothing good has come in on the possibility of legal sports betting in Oklahoma. People have been waiting on hand and foot for something positive to arrive, but the lawmakers are clearly in no rush. That’s not the case for a nearby state, as Oklahoma citizens are angry with the latest Nebraska sports betting update. If you ask us, they have every right to be so livid.

According to a report, Nebraska is slowly but surely moving forward with legal sports betting potentially making its way to the state soon. In a recent meeting, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission voted unanimously to allow for legal sports wagers to take place. However, it’s now on the governor and Attorney General’s office to try and get things across the line. With all of this going down, people all over Oklahoma have called for their governor to try and do something too.

“The rules approved Friday pretty much mirror the framework adopted this year by the Nebraska Legislature,” Omaha.com wrote on the latest news coming out of Nebraska. “They require that all sports wagering take place in person at casinos at horse racing tracks in the state, and they prohibit wagering on games involving teams when they are competing within the state.”

Now, Nebraska could have legal sports betting on the table in the coming months. This isn’t like other states where they might need to wait a year or two for sportsbooks to open. Instead, Nebraska has the framework to take off running with things. As for Oklahoma, this would allow people to travel to Nebraska to make legal wagers once it’s allowed, but that’s not good enough for the local residents. They’re still calling for Oklahoma to bring legal sports betting on its own.

Oklahoma sports fans are tired of having to travel to outside states

Much like people who are praying for sports betting in Texas to get done, Oklahoma sports fans are tired of having to travel to outside states for their needs. For those who live in Oklahoma, they find themselves having to travel to Arkansas, Louisiana and of course Nevada to place their bets. Arkansas sports betting has been legal for a while, and with it being a neighboring state, this means countless folks will head that way, particularly during the football season.

People in Oklahoma have high interest in the NCAAF odds, as the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are two popular Power 5 programs. Despite Lincoln Riley no longer leading the charge for the Sooners, the school is always going to generate a ton of betting interest, especially during bowl season. The same can be said for the OSU cowboys, as head coach Mike Gundy sure has a huge personality.

With no legal options in place, this only adds to the frustration for those citizens. As you’ve probably seen people complain about before, they’re wondering why they need to travel elsewhere. If other states are finding ways to make betting legal, why is Oklahoma so far behind? Just when you think that some good news could be coming on the betting front, two steps are taken in the wrong direction.

You’ve got to feel for people in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and more. More than 30 states have been able to legalize sports betting, yet The Sooner State keeps dropping the ball on a consistent level. Something is hopefully going to change soon, as folks are hopeful that Nebraska moving forward with sports betting will put some pressure on officials in Oklahoma to try and follow their lead.

What’s next for Oklahoma sports betting?

With all the uncertainty, people continue to wonder what’s next for Oklahoma sports betting. That’s hard to answer right now, as no one knows what exactly is going to end up happening. Last May, a bill was put on the table for Oklahoma sports betting to finally arrive, but that didn’t pass. From the moment that news came in, people were voicing their displeasure with government officials, as it felt like that specific bill was a win-win for so many people involved.

“It’s truly an economic issue for the tribes and for the state,” Republican Ken Luttrell said after the disappointing news came in. “We’re missing millions of dollars in revenue each week. Oklahomans are sports bettors whether they’re doing it online, under the table or journeying out of state placing their bets. We should be participating in that income and using that revenue for public education and for core services.”

It’s hard to argue with what Luttrell had to say here, as people continue to make illegal bets and Oklahoma is losing out on millions of dollars in potential revenue. Luttrell and others know how important sports betting could be for the state, but there’s far too much opposition standing in the way of things being flipped. The more Oklahoma waits to make a move here, the more money that’s being lost, plus the more money that is being bet on illegally in the state. It’s simply not great that it’s happening.

Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.