Oklahoma Fans Hoping a New Bill Will Be Ready to Vote on for 2023

The uncertainty when it comes to Oklahoma sports betting has people up in arms. With Governor Kevin Stitt was reelected during the November ballot, it felt like things were only going to take a step back. However, that’s not the case and new-found optimism has made its way to the state. That’s because per a report, Oklahoma fans are hoping a new bill will be ready to vote on for 2023. We don’t have to tell you, but this would really be something.

As things stand, despite recent negative updates, it now feels like Oklahoma could be as close as ever to getting sports betting across the line. While no bills have been put on the table yet for the next legislative session, there’s no question that people are working tirelessly behind closed doors to make something happen. Once that happens, it will then be on legislators to work together to approve it or not.

Then, if all goes according to plan, then things could potentially make their way on the November ballot for 2023, leaving things to the citizens of the state to vote it in or not. This would obviously be something to monitor if we reach that point, though things are never guaranteed even if they’re present on the ballot for voting. Everyone is still talking about California as an example of this.

When California had two propositions come through for voting this past session, the belief was that one would pass. Neither did, though, and now Cali is back to square one. This isn’t what anyone wants to see for Oklahoma. We don’t think it will, as it appears that the right kind of bill can be presented this time around. This will all be a wait and see, but people in Oklahoma have every right to look forward to a potential betting future.

Failed bills in the past have Oklahoma sports fans worried

While people are frantic about getting things moving in the right direction for Oklahoma sports betting, there’s no question that failed bills in the past have Oklahoma sports fans worried. As things stand, we have seen several bills be presented in front of legislation in the past, only to see them get shut down before people would even have the opportunity to get a vote in. That’s just not right.

This appears to be a trend in the midwest/south, as we’ve also seen this kind of negativity surrounding the possibility of sports betting in Alabama. With Oklahoma in particular, the major concern has been Stitt and his lack of motivation to get something done with sports betting. The governor has been adamant that he is open to the idea of sports betting if it will greatly benefit the state.

However, he is yet to strongly act on these words and be a big-time proponent for it. As we’ve stated several times in terms of Oklahoma and sports betting, we believe it’d be a no-brainer for it to arrive to the Sooner state. We’ve seen the incredible amount of revenue being generated for other states – and those states are using a big chunk of that money to help needed resources for funding.

The longer Stitt and others in office delay sports betting for Oklahoma, the more money they’re going to miss out on to help people in need. Stitt has had issues with the Indian Tribes over the years, but the hope there too is that they can improve their relationship. If that does happen, then the two can work hand in hand to try and get sports betting over the line. At the end of the day, Stitt has a monumental say in how things shape out. It’s time for him to get to work for sports betting.

Now is the time for Oklahoma to try and kick things into a new gear

With all the movement for sports betting across the USA, now is the time for Oklahoma to try and kick things into a new gear. With Oklahoma in particular, the people of the state are sick and tired of having to travel to nearby locations to place their bets. Instead of being able to place wagers from home or authorized locations in Oklahoma, the idea of having to travel to an outside state is a pain in the neck.

This has been going on for far too long as well and there’s no reason to do it. Imagine if sports betting was legal right now. With it being mid-December, people would be checking the NFL betting odds, the NBA betting odds and so much more. They’d then waste zero time in placing their bets.

Oklahoma would then see a great revenue return here, while also preventing people from wanting to take their vacations elsewhere solely with betting on their minds. This would be a benefit for local businesses as well. Stitt needs to realize this. Bringing sports betting to Oklahoma for 2023 would be a massive, massive home run, Let’s see if this ends up going down or not because it sure is needed.



Chris Boline

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