Oklahoma Governor is Now Open to Legal Sports Betting

This could end up being a massive update for Oklahoma sports betting and everyone who wants to see it get done in the near future. For a while now, governor Kevin Stitt has felt like one of the biggest obstacles in the state getting something done. People have been calling him out for not letting things potentially move forward. Now, things have done a complete and total 180 in this regard as the Oklahoma Governor is now open to legal sports betting.

“As long as it’s transparent and it’s fair for Oklahomans, then 100%, I’m absolutely open to it,” Stitt said in a recent interview when discussing the possibility of legal sports betting making its way to Oklahoma. “And we’re actually behind the scenes working on what that looks like for Oklahoma. Like you said, Kansas, New Jersey, multiple other states to look at and see how that thing is set up.”

Stitt makes a good point here, as people in Oklahoma have seen states make the adjustment and seen a growing amount of success. When it comes to betting revenues, states across the USA are seeing the numbers grow. As we’ve mentioned before, states are using that money to help our needed resources across the board. This is something that people in Oklahoma want to see for the state too.

As things stand, there’s some new-found hope that things could potentially move forward during the next legislative session. This isn’t something that’s going to get done overnight, as plenty of steps need to be taken for a green light to be given. However, with all of that said, this latest update from Stitt has opened up a lot of eyes and it has people believing in some change to come. We’ll see what happens.

A sports betting bill is in the works in Oklahoma

What makes the Stitt quote above so much more promising is that a sports betting bill is in the works in Oklahoma. According to a report, republican Ken Luttrell has announced that he’s writing up a new sports bill to try and get approved during the next legislative session. We have seen bills turned down before, but Luttrell has high hopes for his new one. It won’t be easy to get passed, but he’s up to the challenge.

The good news for Luttrell is that he has countless people on his side to get something going. Right now, there are well over 30 states who have legalized sports betting. Over in Ohio, things were launched on Jan. 1 of this year and in less than a week, the sports betting numbers have been fantastic. People haven’t wasted any time in checking out the best NFL betting odds, NBA betting odds and more, and then getting wagers in.

With the early buzz in Ohio, people want to see the same thing go down in Oklahoma. What makes Ohio sports betting even more exciting here is that kiosks are opening up at bars and restaurants. This is only going to add to more local business for those owners, as people are going to enjoy making their way to their establishments to watch games, and now have the chance to bet on them.

Should things end up happening for Oklahoma, you already know that there’s going to be so many people fired up for this same kind of a chance. Folks don’t like the fact that they have to travel to outside states to make their sports bets. This is something they’ve had to do for a while now, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not fair. Stitt being on board for a betting future is big and sports fans are happy to see it.

NCAAF betting is something needed for Oklahoma

It goes without saying, but NCAAF betting is something needed for Oklahoma. When it comes to football, there are no pro NFL teams in the state. However, there’s loads of talent at the college level, with the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys always being competitive in the Big 12. With the Sooners, they’re always a threat to make the College Football Playoff each winter.

Though things didn’t go as planned for them this season, be sure to keep an eye out for them next year. With the Sooners, they also have a ton of players who have gone on to be selected in the NFL Draft, which also leads to plenty of intrigue for NFL betting each and every year. That’s going to be the case in 2023 as well, which is why so many people would be able to bet on the NFL Draft.

Stitt needs to realize the kind of opportunities legal betting would provide the states, with football betting being big. Plus in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder are always going to have people talking – leading to bets too of course. With Luttrell working hard with his bill, and Stitt singing a different tune, we could have good news on the way. Everyone will be waiting to see what happens next.




Chris Boline

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