Champions League Final and FIFA Scandal Odds

What an excellent start to the week for the world of soccer! A 16-year-old tumor was finally eradicated from the sport and, while Sepp Blatter’s resignation doesn’t fix the disease that is FIFA, it’s like a shot of morphine: it makes us all feel much better about our prospects.

But enough about the one thing the Swiss created in the last 100 years that the world didn’t like. This week also marks the UEFA Champions League Final, as Barcelona bring their high-powered front line to Berlin to face Juventus, while millions of fans across the globe bring their asses to the closest pub.

Yes, it’s good days for soccer. And we haven’t even gotten to the best news of all: we have all the props for the UCL final, as well as the future moves of FIFA.

2015 Champions League Finals Odds

Odds to win:

  • Barcelona – 1/3
  • Juventus – 5/2

Over/under total goals: 2.5

O/U goals by Barcelona: 2

O/U goals by Juventus: 0.5

O/U goals by Lionel Messi: 0.5

O/U total yellow cards: 4

O/U Juventus defenders Messi make fall down: 0.5

Will the game go to penalty kicks?

  • No – 1/9
  • Yes – 20/3

Will the crowd launch a chant about Sepp Blatter?

  • Yes – 2/5
  • No – 7/3


FIFA/World Cup Odds:

Odds the 2018 World Cup is not held in Russia: 120/1

Odds the 2022 World Cup is not held in Qatar: 6/1

Odds on who will host 2026 World Cup:

  • Canada – 15/2
  • Mexico – 9/1
  • Colombia – 12/1
  • Antarctica – 35/2
  • Westeros – 83/1
  • The Moon – 1,113/1
  • Qatar (after the 1st one goes so well) – 1,000,000/1

Odds on who will replace Sepp Blatter:

  • Prince Ali bin al-Hussein – 5/2
  • Luis Figo – 8/1
  • Walter White – 28/1
  • Kim Jong Un – 89/1
  • Richard Nixon’s ghost – 299/1
  • Satan himself – 3,000/1

(Photo Credit: Lluís from Sabadell (Barcelona), España (LFS_14039) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)


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