Texas residents have hope for sports betting after legislators meeting

When is Texas sports betting going to be pushed forward? This is a question that folks have had on their minds for years now. With so much popularity and growth for sports betting, Texas was expected to make things happen a while ago. Still, here we are at the end of 2021 and nothing. Well, Texas citizens have hope for sports betting after legislators meeting took place recently.

Indeed, earlier this week some of the top legislators ended up meeting in Austin, right near the Texas state capitol. In this year’s meeting, those legislators discussed the rapid growth of sports betting, what needs to be changed moving forward, which states could be next to join the list and so much more. The meeting was quite positive for Texas, as the general belief is that a major change could come in a couple years.

With it still being illegal, it has infuriated so many fans of the NBA, NBA, MLB, NHL and more. Why do people have to travel to different states to place their sports wagers? Right now, people travel to Louisiana, Las Vegas and more to take advantage of sportsbooks. It goes without saying, but Las Vegas sports betting is always going to be an intriguing option for the good folks over in Texas.

Having said that, Texas needs to make a big move here soon. Sports betting being illegal can’t go on like this. Having said that, local reports state that there’s growing optimism for Texas sports betting to be granted in the near future. It’s going to be an uphill climb, but at the legislator’s meeting in Austin, people really do think the Lone Star State will push forward. But, when’s the closest date that could happen?

Texas voters could approve sports betting in 2023

With everyone hopeful that things will be changing soon, Texas voters could approve sports betting in 2023 at the soonest. While that’s the earliest it can happen, again, there’s so much optimism that it will get done. First, it will need to be approved by legislators for a vote. Once that happens, people fully expect people all over Texas to get their votes in to approve things.

“I really believe there’s an opportunity here to pass sports betting in 2023,” Texas representative Dan Huberty said at the legislators meeting, as he’s confident in the voters. “If you present it to the voters in the right way, it’s gonna pass. It will pass.”

Those are the words of a man who is quite confident in things moving in the right direction if it’s taken to a vote. We can’t tell you how frustrated folks are that this isn’t an option. With more than 30 states approving sports betting, why in the world is Texas standing pat and not getting something done. While people are getting antsy, it should be noted that nothing can be done until 2023.

That’s when the Texas legislators will be meeting next to try and vote on this. While it sucks that things are still more than a year away, the good news is that officials really are taking this seriously and they don’t want to waste any time once 2023 rolls around. While California is trying to get things on the ballot for November of 2022, Texas sports supporters will just need to be a little more patient in this instance.

Dallas Cowboys fans are placing big bets in Vegas for their NFL odds

What makes things worse here is that Dallas Cowboys fans are placing big bets in Vegas for their NFL odds right now. Actually, the NFL Super Bowl odds for the Cowboys are pretty decent right now, as the team is 10-4 and they’ve essentially locked in the NFC East title. It’s been a massive year for Jerry Jones’ team and folks love seeing it. At the same time, there’s one issue here.

That issue of course is that folks in Texas haven’t been able to make legal sports bets on America’s Team. While illegal bets are being made, and of course not being regulated, people dream they could head to NFL betting sites to check odds and then go to sportsbooks to place bets. It should be that simple. Not only from a Super Bowl standpoint, but there’s player prop bets to be made as well.

The play of rookie linebacker Micah Parsons has been incredible to see. He basically has one hand on the trophy for Defensive Rookie of the Year. At the same time, he’s also expected to get plenty of votes for overall Defensive Player of the Year as well. That’s how spectacular the pass-rusher has been. Time and time again he has recorded big plays for the Dallas Cowboys. That will keep on going in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to change for a little while. Once it does, though, Dallas Cowboys fans will be ready to take full advantage of things. Right now, people are just waiting for 2023 to arrive so the Texas legislators can do their thing and help the people of Texas be able to vote on this. Once that happens, it should pass with flying colors.


Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.