Texas Lawmaker Pushing for Legal Sports Betting to Arrive

When it comes to changes for Texas sports betting, people all over the Lone Star State continue to wait and see if anything good will be on the way. Bills have been presented in the past, but nothing has been able to get done. However, there are several people who are ready to bring hope to the idea of the project. Right now, there’s a Texas lawmaker pushing for legal sports betting to arrive, which is massive news.

Indeed, Houston-area lawmaker Carol Alvarado has been eyeing legal betting in the state for more than a decade and she’s ready to let the good people of Texas decide whether or not sports betting should come. Matter of fact, Alvarado wants legal gambling all over the state to be done sooner than later. It’s time for Texas to step up to the plate and see if this will be best for the citizens or not. Alvarado has made it quite clear where she stands.

“It simply allows Texans to go to the polls and vote on whether or not we should have gaming in Texas,” Alvarado said in a recent interview on a new proposal that’s being drawn up. “The way it’s crafted, it would be very specific for casinos, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. It would have to have several components, starting with a four-to-five-star hotel, a complex for conventions, conferences, and entertainment, restaurants, and shops.”

Obviously, legal sports betting and gambling would be monstrous for the Texas economy. Across the USA, we’ve seen just how great sports betting has been to help boost the economy. It’s of course great news for local businesses as well. If a new sports betting bill arrives and is passed, we’re going to see major sportsbooks also open up shop in Texas, which would lead to more employment opportunities too.

Mark Cuban is eyeing the legal sports betting hunt as well

One thing to remember here is that Mark Cuban is eyeing the legal sports betting hunt as well. For years now, Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been wanting sports betting for Texas too. He knows what it would do for the economy. Not only that, but the idea of sports betting kiosks being available at the pro teams’ arenas would be huge. People being able to check out the NBA betting odds and then make bets at Mavs’ contests would be ideal.

According to a report, Cuban is thinking about potentially becoming part of a team that would build a casino right next to the Dallas Mavericks arena – once legal sports betting arrived that is. This would make a ton of sense for Cuban, as that casino and resort would obviously feature a sportsbook, where people would be able to check out all of the different odds out there and then place bets.

All in all, sports betting would be incredible for major cities in Texas like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and more. In Dallas alone, the Mavericks are major, but keep in mind that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also wants to see sports betting come. This would lead to even more people checking out the NFL betting odds to get their wagers in. AT&T Stadium is one of the best sporting venues in the world.

Similar to Mavs games, it would be wild and great for people to be able to watch Cowboys games and then also make bets through kiosks at the stadium too. This is something Jones wants and it’s obviously something that a ton of sports fans want as well. This feels like it’s a matter of time before it goes down, with Alvarado really eyeing something for sooner rather than later. We’ve all got to stay tuned to see what happens.

Illegal bets continue to pour in for the NFL

As has been expected, illegal bets continue to pour in for the NFL, which is rough to see. Right now, the Dallas Cowboys are getting ready for the postseason to start, which has people all over the place checking out the Super Bowl betting odds. There’s high hopes for the Cowboys, although teams like the Bills, Chiefs, Eagles and 49ers currently hold better odds to take home the Lombardi Trophy.

Despite that, the bets are flying in, but they’re being done in illegal fashion. As we’ve said countless times, it is horrible for millions and millions of dollars to be transferred in unregulated fashion. This is something the lawmakers all over Texas are keeping a close eye on. The more time that betting goes on illegally, the more money it’s going to cost the state.

For Texas, the time feels like now to get something done. If betting can be made legal in 2023, it’s going to be a huge victory for everyone involved. While there are still some people against it, there’s no reason for sports betting to not get done. Alvarado wants to see this change implemented. It’d be a historic result for Texas if a new bill gets voted in.



Chris Boline

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