Texas Sports Betting Supporters Have High Hopes for 2023

It really feels like we could be inching closer to legal Texas sports betting later this year. After several failed attempts in the past, people haven’t been too happy with the way things have played out. However, Texas sports betting supporters have high hopes for 2023 and this is something we didn’t think we’d be able to say just a few months ago. Right now, the main thing is that a new sports betting bill is already in the works.

As we mentioned last month, Texas democrat Carol Alvarado has plans for a sports betting resolution that people would be able to vote on during the next ballot. That next ballot in Texas would take place in November of 2023. If the Texas voters were to give Alvarado’s plan the green light, the expectation is that there’d be a quick turn for things shortly after that. While we are still in January, this is something that countless sports betting fans are looking forward to.

However, there’s still a lot of things that need to happen in order for people to get really excited. Alvarado is yet to fully present things in legislation. Once her bill/resolution is discussed openly, then we’ll have more of an answer to the actual chances of things being able to move forward. As you’ve probably seen in the past, there have been several occasions where bills have been presented, but they haven’t even made their way to the voting stage.

This is not something that people want to see happen once again in the fall of 2023. Once next November rolls around, there’s strong optimism that if something is on the table for people to vote on, that things will finally be able to happen in a positive manner. With Alvarado pushing, and plenty of people on her side, this feels like it could finally be the year where Texas legalizes things. We’ll be waiting patiently to see what happens.

TCU in the National Championship Game made things worse for Texas sports betting fans

With things still a bit in limbo, there’s no question that TCU in the National Championship Game made things worse for Texas sports betting fans. TCU defied all the odds by getting to the College Football Playoff title contest, as they beat the Michigan Wolverines in the semifinals. Despite them losing to Georgia with the trophy on the line, it doesn’t take away from the incredible season they were able to record.

With TCU playing so great, people would have loved the opportunity to look at the NCAAF betting odds on a consistent basis in 2023 to bet on them. Not only that, the NCAAF National Championship Game betting odds would have been a hot topic of conversation too, with even more wagers being laid down in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately for all of those TCU and college football fans, they had to place their bets in different states, not in Texas.

This has obviously been a frustrating problem over the years, leading to people having to travel for their bets. The one and only ‘Mattress Mack’ is perhaps one of the most popular sports betting figures in Texas, as he’s consistently placing bets on his favorite Texas sports teams outside of Texas. He’s made bets in Louisiana, Las Vegas and so much more. You know he’d love to just be able to stay home and make his bets from his own spot.

Throughout the entire football season, Dallas Cowboys fans were consistently complaining on social media about how they weren’t able to make wagers on America’s Team either. This is obviously going to be an issue for the NFL postseason, as the Wild Card Round is right around the corner. The Cowboys are taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in one of the more intriguing contests of the Wild Card Round. If people want to bet on that game, they’ve got to do so outside of Texas state lines.

Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban continue to push for legal betting

What could help Alvarado and the rest of the Texas sports betting proponents is that Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban continue to push for legal betting. Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is even thinking about opening up a new resort and casino close to the Mavs stadium. If sports betting arrives in Texas in the near future, this is only going to make that resort and casino even more attractive for potential visitors.

Meanwhile for Jones, he’s been dreaming of the day where people will be able to visit AT&T Stadium and place bets on the Cowboys before, during or after they check out some action on the gridiron. This is what NFL fans want too. The betting potential on the NBA, NFL, MLB, college football and more is through the roof for Texas. This is something the legislators must keep in mind. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed they can vote on this come next November. It’d be monstrous for Texas.

Chris Boline

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