Best Bet To Win 2022 F1 Constructors’ Championship

The 2022 Formula 1 season gets into gear on March 20 with the first race of the calendar year at the Bahrain Grand Prix. This period before the opener is great for laying a futures bet on the upcoming season, which for us thinking — which team is the best bet to win the 2022 F1 Constructors’ Championship? Welp, we’re about to answer that question because we’ve narrowed down the team to bet on.

Betting odds on that very futures bet are already available at the best online sportsbooks. Here are the racing teams that are most favored to take home the title at the end of the 2022 campaign:

Red Bull+250+250

2022 F1 Constructor’s Championship Pick To Win

Have you heard? The upcoming F1 season will look, sound, and run completely different than 2021 and years past. Why? Because the cars have been completely re-done, which throws a literal wrench into picking a 2022 F1 Constructors’ Championship winner. Here are the most important changes under the hood (and outside of it too).

Wheel size has shrunk from 18 inches to 13. The flat floor is also a goner. It’s been replaced by a floor featuring two big channels running from front to rear on either side of the central plank. This is not a small change, either, it creates more downforce by the underbody and less sensitivity to any turbulence. The expectation is this will result in more wheel-to-wheel action between the drivers and more on-track position changes.

The intent behind these changes is to create more parity across the racing field. Of course, Mercedes has run away with eight straight Constructors’ Championship, and in a way, this close wheel-to-wheel racing should less their domination, well maybe (more on that soon). Knowing all this, here’s how we’re approaching the Constructors’ bet available at the best betting sites for F1.

Fade Red Bull

Max Verstappen ended Lewis Hamilton’s world championship reign (in controversial fashion) last season, but it still wasn’t enough to catapult Red Bull to a Constructor’s title. In the final 2021 standings, Mercedes edged Red Bull by 28 points thanks to Valtteri Bottas outdoing Sergio Perez in the number two spots for each team. However, Red Bull potentially paid a cost for Verstappen’s championship — a cost that’ll impede their 2022 hopes.

You see, the new F1 car for 2022 has been public knowledge for a while and teams responded differently to the news. Some teams (McLaren notably) took their “foot off the gas pedal” in 2021 and focused on the 2022 car instead. Others, like Red Bull, recognized the opportunity and went all-in on winning in 2021 — new regulations be damned this upcoming season. Given all the resources Red Bull poured into Verstappen’s title-winning season, one has to wonder if they lost the “war of attrition” in the long run.

Making matters even more difficult for Red Bull is Honda, their long-time engine partner, left the sport entirely (sort of). For this season (and foreseeable future), Honda will still assist Red Bull in the engine department — even if it doesn’t bear its name. It’s a contractor role essentially, but regardless, things will be different for Red Bull going forward.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Red Bull is leaped in the 2022 Constructor’s standings by midfield teams like McLaren and Ferrari. They’ve had their focus on this particular season longer and that could pay dividends all year long. If we were you, we’d skip a bet on Red Bull Racing entirely in this category.

Ride With Mercedes (Again)

Betting the eight-time defending champions in this category might feel like a “cop-out”, but it’s not. No, no, it’s the smart betting choice given the changes that lay ahead this season. In times of uncertainty— like right now — consistency matters even more and Mercedes’ is the sports model to consistency. If someone can adapt on the fly to the new car, it’s Mercedes given its historical pedigree, resources, and being a factory team.

Plus, Mercedes most likely upgraded with their driver behind Hamilton. Bottas has been replaced with young phenom George Russell. The Brit has exceeded expectations every time he’s competed — whether in his junior career or two seasons with Williams — and we’re confident he’ll do the same this season, despite the pressures being higher. Alas, it helps to have the greatest of all time, Hamilton, as a teammate. Behind the two, Mercedes’ should claim a record nine straight championships during the 2022 campaign — bank on it!

Mercedesto win 2022 F1 Constructors' Championship
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How To Bet On F1 In 2022?

The 2022 season is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated in a long time. If you want to bet on F1 during 2022 — whether it’s the futures bet we covered above or individual races — then you can do so at one of the bookmakers we’ve featured underneath. These sites have it all between a huge menu of motorsports bets and just as important, killer sign-up bonuses worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. Click around the table below to get started before F1 begins in March!

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