Formula 1 French Grand Prix Picks

Circuit Paul Richard is once again the destination of F1‘s best drivers. The French Grand Prix was canceled a year ago due to the pandemic but returns to its normally scheduled programming in 2021 — with a lot at stake. Not just for drivers, but bettors with Formula 1 French Grand picks locked in, too.

We’ll get to all that soon, but first, let’s veer into the bettings odds, as set by online bookmakers. At the moment, the following six drivers have the best odds at winning the French Grand Prix:

Lewis Hamilton+120+120
Max Verstappen+135+135
Valtteri Bottas+800+800
Sergio Perez+1000+1000
Lando Norris+2800+2800
Charles Leclerc+3300+3300

This is the eighth event of the 2021 slate, with 15 more races on tap following afterward. So we’re essentially one-third of the way into the F1 season and boy, has it been a doozy. As expected, it’s a two-way race for the Drivers Championship between Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull). Not far removed from a thrilling victory at Monaco, Verstappen leads Hamilton in the total standings 105-101. Alas, any F1 betting advice has to start with those two.

2021 French Grand Prix Betting Picks To Win

History is abundant at the French Grand Prix, which is why it’s commonly called the “world’s oldest Grand Prix.”  Indeed, races here date back to 1906, however, recent history is more sparse. That’s because it fell off the F1 schedule between 2009 and 2017. However, in the two years (2018 and 2019) the sport has returned to the old-timer track, Hamilton has claimed first-place each time.

It’s why he’s the ever-slight betting favorite among bookies this year. But call us crazy, we’re spreading our money around elsewhere. Here’s with who exactly:

Max Verstappen (+135)

Look, any F1 race — whether it’s the French Grand Prix or another — it’s almost mandatory to bet on either Hamilton or his rival, Verstappen, or heck, both. Honestly, we wouldn’t fault you for doing the latter in this instance. Us, though? We feel like gambling and only riding with the 23-year-old Verstappen.

Much has been said about Red Bull’s 2021 car iteration and we’re believers. All the talk has been around the car’s aerodynamics and we’re seeing its improvements with Verstappen jetting to an F1-high five podium finishes thus far (one more than Lewis).

If that wasn’t enough, Verstappen has had success at the French Grand Prix before. In 2018, he placed second overall then fourth the year after. With an improved car this time around and a ton of Monaco momentum remaining, we think Verstappen takes the flag.

Max Verstappento win the French Grand Prix
Bet now

Sergio Perez (+1000)

Yep, we’re doubling down on Red Bull here and also betting on Verstappen’s teammate. Perez also benefits from Red Bull’s much-improved car, but here’s the thing — he’s barely getting accustomed to it.

Of course, Perez is new to the team in 2021 and with that, it’s race car. Days before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Perez was quoted as saying, “he finally understands” the car. Two days after that, he proved it by taking first place at the event (Verstappen finished 18th and Hamilton was 13th). Perez’s confidence is riding high right now and that’s always a sure-fire bet-on sign for any driver. Take Perez to win, folks!

Sergio Perezto win the French Grand Prix
Bet now

Charles Leclerc (+3300)

Of course, not everything in F1 is about Mercedes or Red Bull. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is usually in the picture, too. Currently, 23-year-old Leclerc ranks fifth in the Drivers Championship — second-best among non-Mercedes and -Red Bull competitors.

Somehow, Leclerc has placed this high without a podium finish this season. As we said, he’s almost always in the thick of it. For his steep +3300 price, it’s worth betting on him in case he can finally break through and take a victory (which eventually will happen at some point this season).

Charles Leclercto win the French Grand Prix
Bet now

How Can I Watch The 2021 French Grand Prix?

If you got money on the race (or will have soon), then you almost need to watch what unfolds come race day in real-time. Per usual with Formula 1, you’ll have to wake up bright and early to catch the action if you’re in the United States. Here are the full event details:

  • Date: Sunday, June 20
  • Race start time: 9 AM EST
  • Location: Circuit Paul Richard track near Marseille, France
  • TV broadcast: ESPN and its streaming application, ESPN+

For the even more diehard F1 followers, race practice will begin two days before on Friday. Saturday will be reserved for qualifiers. Both days can also be watched on an ESPN-affiliated TV channel.

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