F1 Turkish Grand Prix Betting Predictions

The stakes escalate once more at the upcoming F1 race betting opportunity in Istanbul — for drivers and bettors alike. Here’s a completely free preview to the big event, along with our own F1 Turkish Grand Prix betting predictions.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the current F1 betting odds. Per online bookmakers, these drivers are favored the most to win (no surprise at the two stop):

Max Verstappen-110-110
Lewis Hamilton+250+250
Valtteri Bottas+250+250
Sergio Perez+2000+2000
Charles Leclerc+3300+3300
Lando Norris+3300+3300

2021 Turkish Grand Prix Preview

To take the penalty or not to take the penalty, that is the burning question for Lewis Hamilton and would-be bettors ahead of Turkey. The seven-time world champion has a grid penalty waiting for him — but the choice is his and Mercedes when exactly to take it.

Here’s what is going on: Hamilton is now on his fourth car engine this season. The rule is a driver can swap out the engine three times per season max. After that, a penalty is enforced at the starting line. As you might remember, Max Verstappen accepted the same penalty last time out.

So far, Hamilton and company have only said “maybe” about taking the hit in Istanbul. But you can see by the current betting lines that online bookies seem to think Hamilton is indeed accepting it in Turkey. And we completely agree with that rationale.

Including this race, there are only seven remaining in the F1 season. The sooner Hamilton takes the hit, the better he’ll be able to strategize the rest of the way. We fully expect him to start dead last due to the penalty in Turkey, which obviously, puts him at a major disadvantage.

Main Betting Pick To Win 2021 Turkish GP

The penalty could not be worse timing for Hamilton. At the moment, he’s two points clear of Verstappen in the driver’s standing. And Hamilton won at this track a year ago in rain-soaked conditions, too, so he has an edge here.

Sure, Verstappen was able to finish second in Russia after his own dead-last start, but even for an all-timer like Hamilton, it’s a tall order to win outright from behind. This leaves the door wide open for Verstappen to retake the lead in the standings.

We’re backing Verstappen in Istanbul and we’re backing him BIG time. Seriously, if there’s a wager to hammer home, it’s this one. Verstappen has the easiest path to victory he’s had all season long with Hamilton likely starting in the end. Don’t miss on this golden opportunity and wager with Verstappen.

And let’s be real, if not Verstappen, then who else? The “big two” have won every single event in F1 this year, minus two. One of those competitions, the Italian GP, was when the rivals crashed and had DNFs. Don’t overthink it and back Verstappen in Turkey.

Max Verstappento win the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix
Bet now

Dark Horse Pick To Win 2021 Turkish GP

Outside of Hamilton and Verstappen, there’s only one other driver that we’d advise putting money on at the Turkish GP. And that’s Max’s own teammate, Sergio Perez. Not a lot of money, but some money wouldn’t be a bad idea on Perez.

Here’s why we like Perez: a year ago, Perez finished second at this same track. This was while he was a member of Racing Point, of course. But now that he has a significantly better car in Red Bull, Perez is a solid under-the-radar play here.

Again, we’re not advocating for a substantial bet on Perez to win outright. Nor do you need one at his steep price of +2000. At the very least, you’ll want to consider a prop wager on Perez to finish in the podium. That’s for the risk-averse bettor, but the risk-takers can bet Perez to win straight up.

Sergio Perezto win the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix
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How To Watch The 2021 F1 Turkey GP

For those inside the United States, there are two ways to watch the Turkey GP this weekend. The first is the traditional TV route as ESPN2 will live air the big-time race. However, if you prefer streaming, then you can fall back on WatchESPN — which should not be confused with ESPN+. To use WatchESPN, you must have login credentials for a satellite or cable package that carries the regular ESPN channels.

The race goes down on Sunday, October 10. Due to the time zone in America and Europe, the start time is not ideal — especially if you’re in the West coast. The Turkey GP will begin at 8 am EST.

How To Bet 2021 F1 Turkey GP

Now that you know who to bet on, all that’s left is for you to lock in a wager before Sunday’s race. In order to do just that, then you need to visit one of the betting sites below. You’ll find the best online prices on the F1 race at these same bookmakers.

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