Cowboys’ Jerry Jones hopeful sports betting becomes legal in Texas

How is sports betting still not legal in Texas? This is a question that countless folks continue to ask themselves on a regular basis, as it indeed is illegal. That’s not the case in numerous other states, though, as legislation continues to pass across the USA. Well, Cowboys’ Jerry Jones is hopeful sports betting becomes legal in Texas sooner than later.

Jones, who is one of the most popular team owners in all sports, has been calling for the laws to be changed in the Lone Star State for quite some time now. However, despite his strongest of efforts, different bills continue to die on the table that would change the way things are done when it comes to betting on sports in Texas.

Moving forward, Jones has come out and said that he’s hopeful that something can get done soon. That’s because in his gut, as he sees other states continue to move forward with things, he believes that the economic boost it would provide Texas would simply be too much for folks to continue to want to pass upon.

“I picture right there millions of people making a wager by hearing that,” Jones said when discussing the chances of fans being able to place a bet on an NFL game at some point down the road. “We’ve got to make sure that the terminology is the kind of terminology that is common, but I can see our game enhanced tremendously by that aspect of it.”

Sports betting in Texas being illegal isn’t stopping folks from making bets

Despite people surely having their hands tied when it comes to making wagers on odds that really catch their attention, sports betting in Texas being illegal isn’t stopping folks from making bets. That’s a fact right there. With different VPNs and other formats to hide online addresses, people indeed can find ways to make online sports bets. This is something the Cowboys and the owners know too well.

“Unregulated and illegal sports gambling is already taking place in the State of Texas,” Jones said in that recent interview discussing the issue in the state. “Legalized sports betting would regulate the industry and generate millions of dollars of new revenue for the state which will help fund critical programs without raising taxes.”

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Jones makes quite the point here. With illegal sports betting still going down, why wouldn’t Texas want to try and make things legal and give that boost to local communities? Texas is one of the biggest states in the USA and countless folks make their way over to visit. Imagine sportsbooks being open at places in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and other major cities?

This would not only bring more people to those respective cities – which would be great for local businesses – but it’d also create tons of jobs for people in those cities too. If you ask Jones, this feels like a true win-win for everyone involved. Members of the Texas government don’t feel the same way, though, which is why we are yet to see things really change.

The Texas state legislature is yet to move on a sports betting bill filed in March

Unfortunately for Jones and others involved, the Texas state legislature is yet to move on a sports betting bill filed in March of this year. With people in control of these major decisions not being in a rush, it really brings down the morale for everyone who truly wants sports betting to be made legal. This is especially hurtful after Joe Biden’s administration helped Florida with sports betting to start on Oct. 15.

Thanks to a deal signed by Florida with the Seminole Tribe, sportsbooks and online sports betting will indeed be made legal later this year. So, if Florida is able to move forward with this, why can’t Texas also make things happen to push things along? Jones isn’t the only one frustrated, as the owners of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and more are pushing for things to advance.

“I certainly know that gambling, as it pertains to our games, is here,” Jones said when asked about how the landscape of sports betting would work in Texas. “Frankly, it’s been here. The handwriting’s on the wall. Gambling has been here a long time.”

Again, it’s obvious that sports fans in Texas are finding illegal ways to place their bets. Do you really think they’re just going to sit back on Sundays, watch Cowboys games and not place a bet? No way. They surely check out the latest NFL odds and bet big on the different outcomes they think might go down. They’ll keep doing so whether or not it’s legal or isn’t.

Texas is getting outside support for its sports betting dreams

Remember too that Texas is getting outside support for its sports betting dreams from other places. Earlier this year, Las Vegas Sands launched a campaign to try and promote gambling expansion in the state. As of now, only a small number of tribal casinos allow for gambling. Las Vegas Sands is pushing for that to change.

Again, why would Texas want its visitors to drive outside of state lines to visit casinos and place their different bets. There are billions of dollars being spent outside of Texas when that money could so easily be spent in-state. Economically speaking, this is a real head-scratcher, and Texas as a whole needs to wake up.

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