California Fairground Cancels Sportsbook Plans After Sports Betting Fails

The fallout from California Sports betting failing on the November ballot continues to hurt the state. For months, people were so hopeful of sports betting arriving, only for the two propositions to fail. What really hurts here is that a lot of different locations had plans already made assuming that things would be made legal. With this, a California fairground cancels sportsbook plans after sports betting fails. This surely won’t be the only negative impact.

Over in the San Diego area, the Del Mar Fairgrounds had plans locked in to get a sportsbook area at the fairground for people to make legal wagers. With horse racing so popular in the area, it would have been a no-brainer for a sportsbook to open at the fairgrounds. However, now that the sports betting bills didn’t get voted in, it’s back to square one not only for the California sports betting plans, but the fairground too.

“If California voters are supportive of sports wagering in the future, the 22nd DAA remains interested in the opportunity to further its mission to connect our community through shared interests, diverse experiences, and service to one another in an inclusive, accessible, and safe place with an emphasis on agriculture, education, recreation, and entertainment,” Fairgrounds CEO Carlene Moore said in a recent interview.

Moore also made it more than clear that the Del Mar Fairgrounds would put a stop to all its plans surrounding the new sportsbook. This is disappointing for so many people in the area, as this was something they were looking forward to. Moore’s update is indeed a bummer, but she looks ready to keep things moving forward if sports betting does make its way to California down the road. No one knows when that will happen, though.

People remain furious about no California sports betting

As you might have been able to guess, people remain furious about no California sports betting being passed. During the November ballot, again, there was so much promise and excitement for things to be given the green light. Right now, people should be able to check the NFL betting odds, NBA betting odds and more for their favorite teams. All over California, including the San Diego region, people are waiting for something to get done.

“It’s clear voters don’t want a massive expansion of online sports betting, and they trust Indian tribes when it comes to responsible gaming,” Tribal Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Indians in San Diego County Mark Macarro said in a recent interview. “As tribes, we will analyze these results, and collectively have discussions about what the future of sports wagering might look like in California.”

The tribes in California are expected to take the lead for California sports betting down the road, but the uncertainty surrounding legal wagers has never been higher. No one knows what the next step is going to be for sports betting in the state. Right now, illegal bets continue to be made and this is a big-time issue for countless people out there. Lawmakers and officials are sick and tired of seeing this happen.

Illegal sports betting is leading to millions and millions of dollars being transferred in unregulated fashion. With the heart of the football season here, this is leading to an increased amount of illegal bets going down. People in California, in terms of the NFL, love betting on the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers. Folks want to be able to bet on these teams without having to worry about negative consequences. Again, no one knows when that will go down.

It feels like 2024 would be the earliest for California sports betting

With the way things have gone, it feels like 2024 would be the earliest for California sports betting to come to fruition. This thought alone has people up in arms, as everyone was hoping that legal betting would be on the table in time for the Super Bowl this season. The NFL is expected to be a moneymaker for California, as the revenue opportunities couldn’t be higher thanks to the popularity for the sport.

Had one of the propositions gotten passed in November, then early 2023 would have been rocking for sports betting, there’s no doubt in our minds about that. Now, though, people are going to have to wait at least a year to hope for some kind of a positive update in terms of getting something going again. Right now, though, there’s only negative thoughts surrounding California sports betting.

The Del Mar Fairgrounds, like so many other spots across the state, assumed that sports betting would be a given following the ballot. Instead, people are left wondering what’s next here, which is a major disappointment. People all over California are sick and tired of the uncertainty. We can only hope legal sports betting comes through in the near future, and 2024 may just end up being the year where history is made for the state. Only time will tell if that ends up happening or not.


Chris Boline

Chris Boline is a renowned sports journalist with a lifelong passion for the industry. Originally from Reno, Nevada, he is a key business development figure in college athletics, with over a decade of experience with the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, and Mountain West Conference. Boline holds an MBA from the University of Nevada. He has received MVP and "Best of" honors from the NBA/Sacramento Kings, Nevada Press Association, and more. His work has been showcased statewide and nationally. Boline has established himself as an expert in MLB and legal sports betting developments. When he's not immersed in the world of sports, Chris finds joy in exploring nature's wonders.