California fans betting big on Rams to win Super Bowl

While California sports betting still isn’t legal, that doesn’t mean that folks aren’t ready to support their favorite pro teams as much as they can. This of course includes the NFC powerhouse Los Angeles Rams. To no one’s shock, California fans betting big on the Rams to win the Super Bowl is going down across the country where sports wagers are allowed to go down. So, will LA be able to come away with the honor?

They’re surely in the mix of things and folks are fired up. Per the Las Vegas sportsbooks, the Rams currently hold the fourth-best NFL Super Bowl odds out there at +1000. The Rams are behind the Chiefs, Packers and Buccaneers. Despite being the No. 3 team in terms of odds from the NFC, that doesn’t mean that people don’t have high hope on the team getting the job done this winter with things on the line.

Matthew Stafford is in his first season leading the LA offense and he’s been nothing short of fantastic. Because of his great play, it’s really allowed the team’s aerial attack to take off. No disrespect to Jared Goff, but he simply doesn’t compare to Stafford. We all can see just how much Goff held this offense back in the past. He’s had his ups and down in Detroit, while Stafford really is balling out.

According to local reports, the bets for the Rams continue to rise not only in Las Vegas, but also in the different states where sports betting is legal. While this is frustrating for people in California not being able to make bets of their own inside state lines, that doesn’t take away from the fact that big-time bets are coming in for the Rams. Now, we must wait and see if they can bring home the title this winter.

Rams Super Bowl odds shot up after Seahawks win

For Los Angeles, the Rams Super Bowl odds shot up after Seahawks win on Tuesday night. This game was originally supposed to be played over the weekend, but it got pushed back some days due to COVID concerns on both sides. In the end, it indeed was played on Tuesday and Los Angeles was able to record a strong win over their big-time rivals. It was a convincing showing and people are jacked up because of it.

What really stood out in that victory for the Rams was the fact that the defense was able to step its game up and silence Russell Wilson. Wilson, who has been a bit off this year, had one of his worst games of the campaign. This was due in large part to the unreal pressure that was being put on him from start to finish. Wilson barely had any time inside the pocket and he looked rattled at times. This was rare to see for him.

You can thank Aaron Donald and Von Miller for that, as the two pass-rushers had some insane games. Donald is one of the best players of his generation. He was making the Seattle offensive line look silly in this meeting. Trying to block him is such a difficult task for opposing offensive linemen. Seattle had all kinds of trouble trying to keep Donald from getting to Wilson. You need a lot of help to contain him.

For the Rams, they’ll close out the season with games against the Vikings, Ravens and 49ers. Entering this weekend’s matchup with Minnesota, Los Angeles is 10-4 on the year, tied with the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC West lead. With a strong finish to the regular season, the Rams could earn the No. 1 seed. If they do, people will rush to check the best NFL betting sites for LA’s updated odds to wager on them.

Cooper Kupp’s MVP-type season has the Rams odds high

We also have to bring up how Cooper Kupp’s MVP-type season has the Rams odds high right now. Seriously, have we ever seen a receiver look this outstanding for LA? Guys like Isaac Bruce and Torey Holt were superstars and we’re not bringing them down at all, but Kupp is on pace to record a historic season for the Rams. It very much has him in the MVP conversation and that’s more than deserved.

While Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady might be standing out as the favorites, Kupp has definitely earned the praise and respect of the voters. As of this writing and entering Week 16 games, Kupp leads all NFL wideouts in yards, receptions and touchdowns. In the showdown against the Seahawks, Kupp scored two touchdowns, hauling in outstanding passes from Stafford to get those scores up on the board.

This weekend, Kupp will be needed to have another big performance, as the Rams will be taking on the 7-7 Vikings. In order for the Rams to keep pace in the NFC West (and the No. 1 seed hunt), they’ll need to record a win here. Luckily for the LA offense, they’ve looked unstoppable of late and that will surely continue against Minnesota. We fully expect Kupp to have a great showing as well. He’s just that good.

Chris Boline

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