California Officials Warned Fans Against Making Illegal Super Bowl Bets for Chiefs vs. Eagles

Time and time again, people are reminded that California sports betting is still illegal and that despite this time of the year being so popular with so much great action, no wagers are allowed. Well, no legal wagers are allowed that is. This is a growing issue and police and federal agents know too well that people will feel inclined to still try and get something done. That’s why the news has come in that California officials warned fans against making illegal Super Bowl bets for Chiefs vs. Eagles.

Throughout the postseason, there’s no question that people were checking the NFL betting odds to see what they’d be able to cash in for their favorite teams. Now leading up to Sunday, you better believe that Super Bowl betting is going to be through the roof across the globe. Officials strongly believe that a record-setting amount, in the billions, could be wagered on this upcoming Super Bowl.

However, per a report from the LA Times, officials have indeed reminded people all over the state that sports betting is not allowed. Throughout the years, we have seen just how much illegal activity has gone on in California and things only rise during football season. In addition to National Football League bets, people are also constantly checking the NCAAF betting odds in the fall and winter.

Leading up to Sunday’s matchup between the Eagles and Chiefs, you already know that people will be checking those odds non-stop and that countless prop bets will be enticing people to place their money down. The showdown between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts has everyone talking and it sure feels like plenty of points are about to be scored as well. The authorities will try and crack down on illegal bets, but it’s safe to say that plenty of people won’t.

Super Bowl betting is expected to be around $16 billion this year

As we mentioned above, the wagers for Philly vs. Kansas City is going to be massive. Matter a fact, a new report has stated that Super Bowl betting is expected to be around $16 billion this year, which is wild to even think about. Not only that, but in the United States alone, that same report from PBS has predicted that more than 50 million Americans will find a way to place some sort of a wager on the big game. Goodness, this is wild.

Throughout the year, we have seen a high number of bets take place, as it has been an incredible campaign. For the Las Vegas sportsbooks, there have also been some major upsets which have helped them cash in big time for their benefit. With this one so evenly matched up, it feels like it could go either way. If you ask the The American Gaming Association, they know how monstrous things will be this week.

“Every year, the Super Bowl serves to highlight the benefits of legal sports betting: Bettors are transitioning to the protections of the regulated market, leagues and sports media are seeing increased engagement, and legal operators are driving needed tax revenue to states across the country,” The American Gaming Association president and CEO Bill Miller said via PBS on what could happen this week.

Keep in mind that a little over 30 states in the USA have legalized betting for their citizens to take advantage of. With more than 50 million bets expected, surely illegal activity is being considered for this too. On top of California, big states like Texas and Florida also haven’t legalized betting, which has been a shame. Despite sportsbooks and kiosks not being launched in those areas, bets will surely be recorded in those respective states.

Nothing has changed in the push for legal California sports betting

In the look at things as a whole, nothing has changed in the push for legal California sports betting. As soon as both propositions failed during this past November’s ballot, people were left in shambles. They truly hoped that one of the two would move forward, but that just didn’t happen and things have gone back to square one for all of the betting proponents. So, what’s next here?

That’s up in the air, but there’s no question that a new bill must be put together that is going to help a large percentage of the people in the state get on board. What hurt California just a few months ago was that these two propositions went head-to-head, pinning the voters against one another. People didn’t like that and they also disliked the plans that were put on the table for the two.

Officials need to put their heads together and come up with the right kind of bill that will check all sorts of boxes. For now, it remains to be seen if that will happen or not, but people remain hopeful that legal wagers for the biggest sports teams in California will one day be allowed. The state surely needs it, as the revenue potential is endless.

Chris Boline

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