7 national sportsbooks have backed the California sports betting act

The legalization of sports betting in California really feels like it’s getting closer and closer, doesn’t it? While more and more optimism arrives for things to get voted through during the 2022 election, countless support nationwide has come in for the Golden State. Matter of fact, 7 national sportsbooks have backed the California sports betting act. This is a huge deal, and it shows how serious they are.

This is of course massive news for everyone hoping that California sports betting goes through, as legislation will ultimately have the decision on things going on the ballot and then it will be up to the voters to decide whether or not sports betting will be made legal. With more than half of the states in the USA giving legal sports betting the green light, people are waiting anxiously for California to join.

According to local reports, Bally’s Interactive, BetMGM, DraftKings, Fanatics Betting & Gaming, FanDuel, Penn National/Barstool Sportsbook and WynnBET are all on board for the California sports betting act, and they’ve even combined to commit to $100 million for their campaign. These heavy-hitters know exactly how big sports betting in California would be, which is why they’re all-in on things happening.

As of now, it’s still up in the air if legal betting would become legal in 2022. If the deadline is missed, then folks in California would have to wait until 2023 to see if there’s a change. With that said, though, there is a ton of hope that things will be able to be passed sooner than later. The fact that California hasn’t made this happen yet has people all over the country scratching their heads. The time is now for a change here.

National sportsbooks will also tackle homelessness and mental health efforts

In quite the move here, the National sportsbooks will also tackle homelessness and mental health efforts. The $100 million is going toward the sports initiative that would also fund the homelessness issues throughout the state, while also stepping things up in terms of mental health efforts. This really is a fantastic gesture. A lot of the opposition for sports betting is because of potential health concerns.

Specifically with gambling, the thought is that it could have a decline in mental health. With that said, you can’t focus someone’s poor mental health just on sports betting. Regardless, the sportsbooks want to make sure things are taken care of and that they can do their part in helping folks out with their mental health issues. Plus with homelessness, this is quite the decision to help out as well, as it’s a big-time issue.

“Permanent solutions require a permanent funding source. The California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act will raise hundreds of millions of dollars annually to fight homelessness and expand mental health support in California by allowing regulated entities to offer safe, responsible sports betting online,” campaign manager Dana Williamson told Politico in a recent interview.

This won’t be just a one-time decision for the campaign, as they’re looking at things for the long haul to tackle mental health issues and homelessness. It’s no secret that both are issues in California. With the amount of money that will be brought in through legal sports betting, it will allow for this campaign to really help those in need. It really feels like a win-win here for everyone involved moving forward.

National sportsbooks will also tackle homelessness and mental health efforts

Sports betting in California truly is overdo

We know what you’re thinking and we totally agree: Sports betting in California is long overdo. What has made things so concerning for the state in recent years is that it was recently reported that illegal sports betting has reached around $10 billion. That’s not a mistake folks, the local study said $10 billion worth of illegal gambling has taken place. Can you imagine this? It’s truly hard to even fathom for so many.

The fact of the matter is that countless sports fans are always checking out odds from the different Las Vegas sportsbooks and then finding ways to make bets. Whether they use VPNs for offshore accounts or go through local bookies in their communities, money is being exchanged at an insane rate. Think of the NFL season getting started. You better believe that people in California are finding ways to make bets.

The NFL season is of course going to be one of the busiest times of the year for sports betting, especially with the LA Rams and LA Chargers in action in Los Angeles. The excitement for the Rams is through the roof right now with Matthew Stafford now taking over as the team’s starting quarterback. With the Rams hoping to push for an NFC West title, this is only going to add to the interest of people betting on them.

It really feels like the longer California waits to go through with things, the more the illegal activity is going to climb in the state. This is something that needs to change and fast. Fortunately, it’s looking like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The major sportsbooks are doing everything they can to try and help things go forward too. Only time will tell if there’s a change. For now, all we can do is sit and wait.

Chris Boline

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