Survey shows massive support for California sports betting initiative

As we get closer and closer to the November 2022 ballot, with it being only a little over a year away, the intrigue for California sports betting continues to rise across the state. With that said, a new survey shows massive support for California sports betting initiative which has been designed to try and help the issues with both mental health and homelessness across the board.

In case you missed it, multiple major operators, including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM and others, are behind the massive initiative which would put forth at least $100 million to fight the state’s crisis when it comes to mental health and homelessness. This would of course come once sports betting is legal in the state, with the powers in the sportsbooks world using the funds developed from wager for the cause.

While there’s plenty of opposition to sports betting across California, this new initiative that was recently proposed has caused some of those same folks to sing a different tune. While the thought of wagering in sports doesn’t sit well with many, the fact that some of the money earned by the state would go towards public benefit is what’s being labeled as a major win for all the citizens. It’s hard to argue with that one.

Keep in mind that sports betting is getting done regardless illegally all over California. People check sportsbooks for different NBA, NFL and MLB betting and more to try and make sure they can earn some money on their favorite teams. With sports betting being regulated in California, it’d be massive financially for the state, while the money brought in could be used to fund different resources at the same time.

More than 60 percent of folks polled are for the new sports betting initiative

In some exciting news for the sportsbooks, more than 60 percent of folks polled are for the new sports betting initiative. According to local reports, a head-turning 62 percent of people who took part in this poll over the summer said they’d vote in favor of the “California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act” if it were to make its way on the November of 2022 ballot. Will that end up occurring?

In an interesting turn of events as well, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg even came out and said that he’d be in support of this act as well. Think about it, we’re talking about millions and millions of dollars that would be spread across the state to battle mental health diseases and the growing amount of folks who are living on the streets right now. If you ask Steinberg, it’d be a win-win for everyone involved.

“It is a rare occasion when any initiative seeks to dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars or more for the cause,” Steinberg said in a recent interview when discussing this new initiative that’s been presented in California. “Funding mental health programs and fighting homelessness is currently subject to the whims of the economy.”

With this initiative putting forth at least $100 million to battle both issues, it seems like a no-brainer for folks to get on board and vote it in place. With that said, it’s yet to officially be given the green light to be placed on the ballot for November of 2022. In that poll, 62 percent were in favor, while 25 percent said they’d oppose it and 13 percent were undecided. Still, 62 percent sure is nothing to sneeze at here.

Which initiatives are confirmed to be on the 2022 ballot?

You might be asking yourself the following: which initiatives are confirmed for the 2022 ballot? That’s a fair question to ask, as there sure has been plenty of speculation about things in recent months. That’s only going to grow as we continue to inch closer to next fall. November of 2022 really is right around the corner and people will be getting ready to vote before you know it. And people can’t wait for it to come.

As of this writing, the only initiative that’s been passed to be presented on the 2022 ballot is the one presented by California’s Indian tribes that would allow for in-person sports betting to be done at the tribal casinos and at four horse racing tracks that are spread across the state. With that said, that’s only one of at least three that are expected to be presented on the ballot.

Another initiative being considered is one where four different cities, Colma, Gardena, Inglewood, and San Jose, are pushing for in-person and digital betting for the card rooms, sports stadiums and more to be allowed. If sports betting does get the okay for sports stadiums, that’s only going to make things even more intriguing for all the sports fans out there who plan on attending games.

Right now, that’s a big no-no, but imagine if you were to go watch a major sporting event and then you could place a bet on the outcome of that same game you’re attending. This is allowed in certain places across the world, but it’s still to be generally accepted in the United States in a wide portion. The hope for everyone is that it changes. Only time will tell if California moves forward with these initiatives for voting.

Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.