2 Things Bettors Need to Know Today (Tue.)

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1. Thunder still can’t hang with Warriors

Even with public enemy number one sitting on the sidelines, the Oklahoma City crowd still tore into Kevin Durant. But once again, on the court, it was the Warriors tearing into the Thunder. Steph Curry was dunking, scrapping, and nailing threes as Golden State trounced OKC once again, completing a four-game season sweep that saw them win by an average margin of 20 points.

Durant leaving may be the motivating factor in Russell Westbrook’s triple-double chase, but when it comes to exerting his dominance against KD’s new team, Westbrook can’t get it done. There was a brief window when it appeared these teams could meet in the first round, but thankfully, with the Spurs slowing down and surrendering the one-seed, we should be spared from a Warriors-Thunder series that would be all sizzle and no steak.

A playoff series between these teams would be embarrassingly one-sided. If it does transpire, don’t hesitate to hammer the Warriors’ moneyline.

If it doesn’t, and you really want to see an over-matched loudmouth get beaten down, just wait until McGregor vs Mayweather.

2. Josh McCown signs with Jets

So it’s official … this team is not trying to win football games this year. Sure, it was a barren QB market, yet somehow the Jets still managed to find the oldest, least-inspiring, and lowest-ceiling player out there. There’s no way New York fans can draw the slightest bit of hope from this move. Even Colin Kaepernick would’ve given fans something to cling onto: the guy’s been to a Super Bowl. With this signing, McCown has now played for a quarter of the NFL.

There’s no value in betting the Jets to win the Super Bowl or AFC East, no matter what massive number is next to their name. Go ahead and sprinkle a little on them to finish last, though. Cleveland and San Francisco are at least trying to get better. Happy tanking, Jets!


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